Online Practice Test Series


The Exam practices test paper will have 100 question.

A question can be seen at a time.

The list of the all question can be seen the right side.

As we switched the select test the time will be counted from the point movement.

The time will be over as per the assign time the test will auto submit.

The one time Registration charge is 50 rupees per candidate this will be rechargeable per month with 50 rupees.

The username and password you can generate.

The user is able to single time in per practice test.

User should not refresh and reload during practice test.

10 or more than 10 practice test can be provide per month.


We have facility of on line practice test.

The candidate can download result and also answer sheet.

The candidate can be seen their profile.

The facility of Registration available.

The facility of forget/change password.